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Farnham Taxi Rank

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Farnham Taxis comes under Waverley Borough Council.

Waverley Borough Council provides ranks for licensed taxis (hackney carriage vehicles). These ranks can only be used by licensed taxis operating under Waverley and not by private hire drivers and vehicles, local public or taxis licensed outside of Waverley.


Farnham Train Station Rank

Prime Taxis Farnham provides taxi service from Farnham Train Station.
Farnham Train Station

Farnham Train Station rank is privately owned and provides permits to licensed hackney carriage drivers for a permit fee.

If you need a taxi from Farnham Train Station, please contact Prime Taxis Farnham on 01252 507777.


Castle Street, Farnham

Prime Taxis Farnham provides taxis from Castle Street, Farnham.
Castle Street, Farnham