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Forgot something in a taxi?

Updated: Mar 2

What do you do when you left an item inside a taxi?

We hope you will not be in this situation as it's very stressful and inconvenience on your part.  We believe in 'prevention' and that's the initial topic that we would like to discuss.

Prime Farnham Taxis generally have a record of the passenger and journey details, that will be a relief if you booked a taxi with us.  If you took a hackney cab from Farnham or any areas covered by Waverley Borough Council then, most likely, your chances are slim but not impossible.

After every hiring, the driver should search the vehicle for any article which may have been accidentally left in the vehicle and, if any such article is found, shall within 48 hours (unless sooner claimed by the owner) deliver the article to the nearest convenient office of the Council.

If you have booked